On-Call Doctor (iOS)

Technologies: Swift, Objective-C

Description: On-Call Doctor is an app with easy-to-read management plans and prescribing advice for doctors based either in or out of hospital. Includes common plans and prescribing guidance for emergencies such as: pulmonary embolism, hyperkalemia, status epilepticus and upper GI bleeding.

Leeds Radiology Academy VLE

Technologies: Moodle, PHP

Description: The Leeds Radiology Academy VLE (Virtual Learning Enviroment) was created for the purposes of radiology registrars in the West Yorkshire radiology training scheme. This was created using Moodle and a customised theme.

Design - 60% complete
Content - 30% complete

General Surgery Rota Converter (Flask/Python)

Technologies: Flask, Python

Description: General Surgery Rota Converter is a Flask web application to automate the data-wrangling required to convert an excel spreadsheet into a format suitable to imported into Google Calendar. This was a project for a general surgery department that I previously worked in.